Review: RHO-lens FPV Goggles Diopters

Review: RHO-lens FPV Goggles Diopters

Not everyone has the luck to have perfect vision. 

There’s a kind of FPV goggles called Box-goggles where you can normally fit your regular glasses in, but many times these are not top of the line goggles.

My vision is not that bad, but I have something called hypermetropia, which is a deformation of the eye and it makes me get headaches whenever I try to read without my glasses, and many times I get a dizzy feeling as well. 

When I started to fly FPV I was very certain this wouldn’t work for me because of the goggles, but somehow it hasn’t been that much of a problem. Still, I would normally get a headache after flying.

My first FPV goggles were box goggles because of this, but in all honesty, I didn’t like how it felt to have these box goggle on top of my glasses because the leg of the glasses will be pushed against my face and it was complicated to get the glasses into the box.

The DJI FPV goggles are supposed tobe made so you can get your regular glasses in, but the first thing I did with those goggles was to change the foam around them to avoid light leakage, and once you change the foam you lose the ability to get your glasses in, and again, the whole process was a little bit tedious.

Happily I found this german company called RHO-Lens, who can do lenses with your custom formula and inserted into custom made plastic holders made to perfectly fit into the FPV goggles.

They have models for many different FPV goggles, with some funny names per model, mine, or the DJI goggle’s model is called Tador.

The process to order them is simple. You go to the webpage, write the information of your formula, fill up a form with your name, address and email, and a few minutes later you get an email asking you to confirm the information you input. Once that is done you get a money request through PayPal to pay for your diopters.

What happens if you don’t have PayPal? I’m not very sure. I couldn’t find any information on alternative paying methods on their website, but they were very friendly over email, so you can ask them if you need to.

I got my glasses a little bit before 15 days after paying, counting weekends and any holiday. I’m based in Sweden which is not far from Germany and I guess that helps, but my understanding is that they ship worldwide.

I’ve made a short video showing what’s included in the box, and how easy it is to install them.


The quality of the glasses looks solid, it has a premium feeling, and my eyes seems to be very happy wearing the DJI goggles now.

As I say in the video I’m excited to skip the headaches after flying FPV. Thanks RHO-Lens!

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