Naked GoPro Hero 8 Case TPU with BEC Board

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This is iFlight 3D printed high quality TPU naked GoPro8 case. Durable, flexible and easy to install. GoPro SuperView designed to ensure there's nothing blocking your lens. ND filter mount (Compatible with standard GoPro Hero5-8 ND filter attachments)

A new GoPro Power PCB specially designed for GoPro8 boards at only 2.3g. 

Mode Button, Rec button and a signal wire that can be attached to your FlightControl for Radio activated recording. Short out the Mode pad with GND and it will also power up instantly when feeding power. 

The BEC is rated for 5V@2A, Input Voltage 2-6S, GH1.25 3P connector cable to wire everything up.


TPU mount color: black

Item: BEC Board for Naked Camera

Output: 5V @ 2A (filtered)

Input voltage: 2-6S 

Connector: GH 1.25 3P connector

Package includes:

1pc x Naked GoPro Hero 8 mount TPU

1pc x BEC board 

5pcs x M1.4*5mm cross Self-tapping screws

6pcs x M1.4*8MM cross Self-tapping screws 

4pcs x M2Stainless steel washer 

1pc x GH1.25 Power Cable (130mm 30AWG)