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Vifly WhoopStor V2

Vifly WhoopStor V2

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6 ports 1S battery Charger/Discharger with Storage capabilities
Dimensions: 101*49*22mm
Input connector: XT60, DC(5.5*2.1mm)
USB-C(PD3.0, QC2.0, BC1.2)
Input voltage range: 7V-21V (XT60 2S-5S Battery, DC)
9V / 12V (USB-C)
Max input power: 30W
Max charging current: 0.9A/port
Support battery connector: PH2.0 & BT2.0
Battery type: LiHV 4.35V (±0.05V) / LiPO 4.2V(±0.05V)
Storage voltage: 3.85V(±0.05V)
Max discharge power: 1W/port


note: This are the version with real BT2.0 connectors, and please don't forget to upgrade your firmware to the newest

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