Armattan Tadpole 3"

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-3 inch props

-top mounted lipo as it makes more sense for a small fun flyer/ freestyle frame. 

-custom alumi front cage fully protecting a nano cam

-custom shorter rear alumi posts

-new rubber moulded vtx antenna mount that is modular with the custom alumi rear posts. No bolts needed.

-slightly slanted aerodynamic top lipo plate. (This is the result of shedding weight from the rear end.)

-dry frame weight (fully assembled): 19.5 grams.

-full specs are listed on this page. 

Running 1106s/5100kv on mine and it is silly fast. Feels like 5 inch with more agility.


Frame Weight  19.5grams
Motor to Motor  131.25mm
Frame Shape  Compressed X
Main Plate Thickness  2mm


Motor Mount Pattern  9mm
FC Stack Mount  16x16 or optional whoop AIO bracket
FPV Camera Mount  Nano (14mm)
FPV Antenna Mounts  Customer rubber holder (1.8mm)
Max Stack Height  16mm
Warrantied Parts  Bumper to bumper