Matek 2.4GHz R24-D ELRS Diversity Receiver

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The Matek ELRS-R24-D is an ELRS 2.4GHz receiver featuring antenna diversity for maximum range as well as ~210mW transmission power. The receiver is fully compatible with the ELRS system.

The board are compatible with the two Matek CRSF breakout boards if you need PWM outputs. See related products below.


– ESP8285, SX1280/1281IMLTRT
– PA/LNA: SE2431L
– Antenna connector: IPEX MHF 1
– RF Frequency: 2.4GHz (2400~2480MHz)
– Telemetry power: 22.5dbm~23dbm
– SE2431L RX_gain: 12.5dB
– Diversity (antenna-switching), default ANT2
– Receiver protocol: CRSF
– Input voltage: 4~9V DC @ 5V pad
– Power dissipation: 40~45mA(before binding), 70~75mA(binding), 90~95mA(wifi mode)
– PCB size: 21mm x 15mm
– Weight: 3g w/ 2x antennas
– Packing: 1x ELRS-R24-D, 2x IPEX MHF1 Antennas


– ExpressLRS MATEK_2400_RX
– Firmware update via UART or WIFI
– ELRS-R24-D: enable “USE_DIVERSITY” (checked) when flashing in ExpressLRS configurator


– 1x Matek ELRS-R24-D ELRS Diversity Receiver
– 2x IPEX MHF1 Antennas