NordFPV Nord5 HD Frame

Taking the best ideas from established and solid frames in the FPV market, and adding a touch of Scandinavian design, the Nord5 HD is born

This new frame, designed by Olof Ogland, and brought to the market by Nordfpv, aims to achieve perfect flying by reducing possible vibrations of the squished X frame to the minimum, with details like shoulder bolts to connect the 5.5 mm thickness arms to the main body, letting the arms move laterally and thereby reducing vibrations inserted by friction, fiber reinforced nylon parts wherever there’s a functional part, and carefully crafted carbon fiber, creates one solid body that rejects vibrations as much as possible.



At the same time, it improves over many other frame’s cable management systems with dedicated spaces to route cables not only to do a clean install, but to keep electromagnetic interference to the minimum, and adding dedicated spaces to hold the receiver in an elegant and functional way.



For the flying stack users can choose between 20x20 or 30x30 mounting patterns. The frame also presents a flexible way to mount both the flying stack and the VTX, giving options to the digital users of CADDX vista, Air unit, and even the recently introduced Walksnail VTX, by providing mounting patterns using screws or zip ties, the design adapts to the way the user decides to build their drone, and even if someone is still in the analog world, they may find the flexible VTX space ready for their cards.


Some key points:

    • This is a premium frame, as beautiful as it is functional and flexible.
    • Our beta testers have been hard at work creating great tunes for this frame, both 6S and 4S to ensure the best flying experience.
    • It supports DJI O3 air unit with only printing a couple of parts. Buy the upgrade kit, or download the parts STL files from:
    • To finish it off, we offer an ever growing library of printable parts as well as a dummy step file to let you design your own parts with ease.


We would like to thank Jason at LDO Motors and Bondtech for helping us with 3d printer technology in this journey.


You may not know that a drone could fly this well, and look so cool, until you build your machine with this frame.