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GEP-M10 Series GPS Module

GEP-M10 Series GPS Module

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GEP-M10 series GPS positioning module has the features of small size, fast positioning, stable connection, and convenient use. Using the M10 chip solution of u-blox company, it supports GPS + BDS + Galileo + QZSS + SBAS joint positioning, the highest Up to 32 satellites. Built-in Flash chip and farad capacitor can save configuration parameters and fast hot start. Small volume ceramic antenna provides good receiving ability. I


  • Model: GEP-M10 
  • GPS chip: u-blox M10
  • Magnetometer: No
  • Barometer: No
  • Input voltage: 3.3V-5V
  • Receiving frequency: GPS L1,GLONASS L1,BDS B1,GALILEO E1,SBAS L1,QZSS L1
  • Operating mode: GPS+BDS+LALILEO+QZSS+SBAS joint positioning
  • Channel: 72ch
  • Navigation satellites: Up to 32 pieces
  • Output protocol: GEP-M10: UART(ublox)
  • Baud rate: 115200bps
  • Output Frequency: 10Hz
  • Speed Accuracy: 0.05 m/s
  • Horizontal positioning accuracy: 2D ACC1.5m(Weather)
  • Timing accuracy: 30 ns
  • Receiver sensitivity: Trace-162dBm, Capture-160dBm
  • Dynamic characteristics: Max Height: 50000m, Max Speed: 500m/s
  • Maximum acceleration: 4G
  • Size: GEP-M10: 22*22*8.2mm 
  • Weight: GEP-M10:7.8g


  1. U-blox M10 series chip
  2. Fast positioning speed
  3. GPS+BDS+Galileo+QZSS+SBAS joint positioning
  4. Up to 32 satellites
  5. Stable connection quality
  6. Unique appearance design
  7. Small size and light weight
  8. Built-in Flash chip and Farad capacitor
  9. Onboard indicator light, easy to use


1 x GPS module

1 x Terminal wire

1 x Instruction manual

1 x GEPRC sticker

1 x Heat shrink tubing

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sultan sulaimon
My go to FPV shop

One of the best shops in North Europe. I have purchased multiple items including gps modules, elrs modules, vtx cabels, propellers. I've made had multiple items 3d printed for my 3.5" quads and the delivery and response has been fantastic. 3d printing service was exceptional, sent 3d prints in stl files and received my parts between 3-5days. All 3d prints seen here were done by nord fpv