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SpeedyBee F405 Mini 35A Stack

SpeedyBee F405 Mini 35A Stack

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  • Wireless FC & ESC full configuration via SpeedyBee app
  • Powerful real-labeled 35A 4-in-1 BLHeliS ESC
  • Onboard 4-level battery life indicators
  • Change motor directions wirelessly
  • Support DJI Air Unit O3 / Link / Vista
  • Sufficient 4 x UARTs available
  • 5V 2A & 9V 3A dual BECs
  • Built-in Barometer
  • Onboard 8MB blackbox storage
  • 470uF Rubycon High-frequency Low-ESR capacitor
  • Compatible with both M2 and M3 installation hole sizes
  • Equipped with both M2 and M3 packs of screws and silicone


Utilizing an upgraded F405 flight controller chip with better performance than the F411, it features a built-in Bluetooth chip for seamless wireless Betaflight tuning. The board comes with a 4-level battery voltage display, built-in barometer, and supports connectivity to all DJI Air Units. It offers 4 available UART ports, and a dual BEC setup with 5V 2A and 9V 3A outputs.

35A 4-in-1 BLHeliS Mini ESC: This ESC provides four synchronized outputs with a maximum current of 35A, delivering strong power to drive all 2-4 inch and lightweight 5-inch quadcopters via 4-6S battery. Equipped with TVS transient suppression diodes onboard, it better absorbs surge voltage, providing enhanced protection for the ESC

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