Shipping policy

Packing of our available products is normally done the same day and shipped the next business day.

Shipping prices are shown during check out, and based on weight and destination or order value.

Postnord varubrev may be available inside Sweden for low cost orders. The way Postnord has decided to deliver these orders, which can put them at risk of been lost, is pushing us to stop using this shipping method. A customer actively choosing varubrev as a shipment method is accepting the involved risks and Nordfpv AB will not be responsible for a loss. 

Customer should not be able to place an order for an unavailable item, but if it happens, or an item availability was incorrect, the customer will receive an email explaining the situation and the available options to solve it.

Orders are typically shipped to service centers to allow flexibility for customer to chose when to pick them up. DHL service center normally stores package for around a week, after that the package will be returned. A returned package will bring as a consequence an added fee for end-customers. Orders sent with UPS or DHL Express (please note this is different than DHL Freight which is the most common and affordable shipping method) are door-to-door. 

Please refer to UPS website for the definition of the different options. As a general rule UPS Standard is a slower method than UPS Express.

We reserve the right to exempt ourselves from all compensation for delays in delivery.