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BT2.0 U 1S Whoop Cable Pigtail

BT2.0 U 1S Whoop Cable Pigtail

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  • No more folding cables on quads with the use of BT2.0 U Cable Pigtail. Long-term bending and pulling may cause bending and breakage. This cable is reversed in direction, meaning easier plugging and connecting to batteries for whoops. Longer lifespan due to reversed design for less tension on the cable and lighter weight by reducing pigtail length. 

    BT2.0 Whoop Cable Pigtail

    Bullet Point

    • With its BT2.0 interface and a 180-degree U-shaped design, bid farewell to the risk of bent or broken wires.
    • The U-shaped structure features a smooth stepped design, making battery insertion and removal more convenient.
    • The U-shaped structure enables shorter power cables, integrated molding, compact dimensions, and reduced weight.
    • BT2.0 connector decreased the internal resistance of the connector effectively by upgrading the crimped pins to a 1.0mm banana connector and increasing the cross-sectional area of the 1.0mm banana connector. 
    • BT2.0 connector supports 9A continuous current and 15A burst, while the PH2.0 connector supports 4.5A continuous current. Brings a more perfect flight experience when you fly the 1S brushless whoop drone.
    • Using the BT2.0 connector, can solve the problem of voltage sag, and the discharge of the 1S lipo battery becomes more efficient. Pilots can enjoy more flight time without the disturbance of low voltage warnings. 
    • The light and customized 22AWG wire will make the drone more lighter. The wire uses a US standard core 0.08mm*60. The diameter of the silicone outer layer is only 1.5mm, which is 0.2mm thinner than the 22AWG standard wire. 


    • Item: BT2.0 U Cable Pigtail
    • Weight: 1.0g/pc 
    • Cable Length: 40mm
    • Wire Type: 22AWG
    • Connector: BT2.0 U-shaped Male Connector
    • FC: F4 1S 5A AIO FC, F4 1-2S 12A AIO FC (or other 1S FC)
    • Metal Material: Gold-plated Copper
    • Rated Current: 9A
    • Peak Current: 15A

      How To Resolder Your Board With BT2.0 Cable

      The BT2.0 U Cable Pigtail and the BT2.0 1S Whoop Cable Pigtail are composed of blue wire and white wire. The blue wire is the positive pole(+), and the white wire is the negative pole(-). When you resold your board, please pay attention to the connection method.   

      Here is the instruction for the BT2.0 U Cable Pigtail.

      Here is the instruction for the BT2.0 1S Whoop Cable Pigtail.

      Here is the Betafpv Lab video to show you the best way of replacing BT2.0 connectors. 

      BT2.0 Connector

      BETAFPV exclusive designed BT2.0 connector has broken through the bottle-neck of the PH2.0 connector. BT2.0 connector decreases the internal resistance of the connector effectively to allow more current that be transferred, which means it supports 9A continuous current(15A burst) and offers stronger power and longer flight time on 1S brushless drones while PH2.0 just supports 4.5A You can enjoy more flight time without disturb of low voltage warning through solving the problem of voltage sag. For more instructions, click here to reach out. 

      There is a graph of comparison between BT2.0 connector and PH2.0 connector (solid pins version) in the BETAFPV 1S 300mAh battery. The discharge current is 9A in this testing. You can see that it has double time (about 2 minutes) with a BT2.0 connector.

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