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GEPRC ELRS Nano Receiver

GEPRC ELRS Nano Receiver

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GEPRC ELRS Nano receiver is a new generation remote control system developed based on the ExpressLRS open source project. ExpressLRS sets new standartds for long-range connection, low latency and maximum refresh rate of 500Hz.

GEPRC ELRS Nano receivers are available in 915/868MHz and 2.4GHz versions with maximum refresh rate of 500Hz and can be used with GEPRC ELRS-series products or other ELRS-compatible devices.


Size: 16.8mm*10mm

Weight: 0.6g(receiver only)

Frequency band: 915MHz FCC/868MHz EU/2.4GHz ISM

Input voltage:5V

Antenna connector: ipex1


1. Small size

2. 0.6g weight

3. WIFI Upgrade firmware

4. ELRS open source project, remote control

5.The operation is simple

Package Included

1 x Receiver

1 x T antenna

2 x Heat shrink tube

4 x Silicone cable(black, red, yellow, green)

1 x Pin (4pin)

1 x Instruction manual

ELRS Nano Receiver Diagram

LED Status indication


ELRS Nano receiver and FC connection diagram:

Open Betaflight Configurator, go to “Ports”tab and enable the corresponding UART as a Serial Rx (e.g. UART2 as shown below). Save and restart.

On the“Configuration”tab, click on“Serial-based receiver”on the“Receiver”panel, and select “CRSF


1. The receiver is powered on and off for three consecutive times (within an interval of 1 second);

2. Receiver’s LED doing double flashing, indicating that the receiver has entered the binding mode;

3. Make the RF Tx module or radio transmitter enter binding status. Once the LED status changes to solid light, the binding is successful.

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