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VIFLY Whoop Series Charging Board (PH2 - BT2.0 / GNB27)

VIFLY Whoop Series Charging Board (PH2 - BT2.0 / GNB27)

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The VIFLY Whoop series charging board allows six 1S batteries (PH2 or BT2 connector) to be charged at once, in series. Series charging is safer than parallel charging as the charger is able to keep track of the individual cell voltages. There is a rotary dial so you can select how many batteries to charge at once (1S-6S). 

Usage Notes:
- Don't plug both a PH2 and BT2 battery into the same port
- Do not exceed 1.5A charging current
- Follow usual safe charging practises e.g never charging near flammable materials or unattended
- Batteries should be of the same type, capacity brand etc
- Remember this is NOT a parallel charge board so you need to charge at 1C only

- Dimensions: 73x39x33mm
- Weight: 49g
- Battery Type: PH2.0, BT2.0
- Max charging current: 1.5A, recommended 1C


1x VIFLY Whoop Series Charging Board

Charging/Battery Safety: Please take LiPo battery safety seriously, please see our safety sheet.

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