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Up until now I haven’t been very close to whoops, but I’ve decided that was going to change and I’m evaluating a few of them to try to find the best ones to bring to and keep offering what I consider the best of the market.

This is a review of the Betafpv X95 v3 HD version.

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Battery charger, ISDT, Q6 Nano -

As a FPV beginner is sometimes difficult to understand the difference between a DC charger and AC charger, and when each one works better.

This blog entry tries to go over that difference using as an example a ISDT Q6 Nano I just received.

There's a short video unboxing this unit at:

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Drone filming, GoPro, Naked GoPro -

GoPro are very a famous accessory to drone pilots to record their adventures. Weight is even more important when using a smaller drone, but this shouldn't mean to drop the quality of the videos. How do you achieve the same quality of a GoPro with much less weight? read on about the naked GoPro.

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Cinewhoop, iFlight, Protek -

In the past I’ve been a little bit against flying cinewhoops, mainly because I’ve been enjoying freestyle while flying my drones, and a cinewhoop is not for that. But with time I’m getting very interested in doing some nice video clips, trying to find beautiful sceneries and capturing some of the happiness of flying. When getting into filming you obviously think about DJI and Mavic, but I think the main difference with that kind of filming and FPV filming is that in the FPV world you can go a bit faster, get into spaces that one of those DJI drones...

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Best setup, Crossfire, Digital, DJI -

When flying drones you don't want to worry about failsafe, and you want to have the best experience. Therefore a nice combination of different protocols can make your life easier, and your experience the best.

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