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3D parts -

Hi everyone, I don’t know about you, but I like to customise my FPV equipment.  I have made some changes to my DJI goggles, some upgrades to my TX16S radio, and of course to my drones. Customisations can be functional or just aesthetics, but I have found that the most important part of this customisation process is 3D printing, and in this hobby you can do a lot with a 3D printer and some TPU. If you don’t know, TPU is a kind of flexible filament used when you 3D print. It’s quite resistant to crashes, and since you crash...

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The Betafpv X95 v3 is full of problems out of the box. 

In this blog entry we go through some changes that made my flying experience a bit nicer with this model.

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Diopters, FPV Goggles, RHO-Lens -

If you wear glasses you need to see this review and get your custom made glasses that fits perfectly into your FPV goggles.

With a serious quality and carefully made diopters you will enjoy flying much better!

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GEPRC, Review, TinyGo -

GEPRC has a started kit released almost together with the start of 2021. A remote, FPV goggles, batteries, charger and a drone are included in a nice looking bag, all there for you to go out and fly. Is this the starter kit you are looking for? 

Read along and decide yourself if this is the right for you

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Iflight Protek25 is one of the most recent drones from iFlight. The small brother of the Protek family is reviewed in this article from an out-of-the-box experience, focusing on users that enjoy that easiness of buying a complete drone, bind it and fly it.

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