The Protek25/35, the new cinewhoop from iFlight.

The Protek25/35, the new cinewhoop from iFlight.

In the past I’ve been a little bit against flying cinewhoops, mainly because I’ve been enjoying freestyle while flying my drones, and a cinewhoop is not for that. But with time I’m getting very interested in doing some nice video clips, trying to find beautiful sceneries and capturing some of the happiness of flying.

When getting into filming you obviously think about DJI and Mavic, but I think the main difference with that kind of filming and FPV filming is that in the FPV world you can go a bit faster, get into spaces that one of those DJI drones can’t get, and even do some tricks to add a bit of a rush to your video.

And then came some intelligent guys and created a new kind of cinewhoop that can go a faster and it’s more agile than older models.

When I heard about the iFlight Protek I got excited since the beginning. It’s cleverly designed to avoid some of the issues from former models. You get better access to the ports of the drone, you have some new motors that could very well be part of a regular freestyle drone, and you have the prop guards designed in a new fashion/material to provide better protection. I’m very much guessing the Protek name comes from this last point and what they are doing about the protection.

The drone can be bought in 2.5” or 3.5” models, can be configured in stock way, or as a pusher style, and the smaller one, the Protek25 can weight down to 109 gr (without battery or prop guards). In the fashion side of it, iFlight has added LED to a logo under the drone, and on the back. I think these details don’t make a big difference, but sometimes the small details are important, and iFlight is showing they care about electronics and looks which at the end is a great differentiator against competition.

iFLight Protek pusher configuration

Of course, it goes without saying this drone is available in digital, DJI, and analog models. I’m more excited about the digital era of drones since I’m not into racing (yet), therefore I’m kind of just considering the DJI models.

The bigger model, the Portek35, has a new AIO board named “beast”, which iFlight is expecting to be a big deal when it comes to whoops. It has some really good number on paper, but only time will tell how it really performs.

One thing I’m liking a lot from iFlight is the fact that they pre-tune their drones to a very good point, so 80% of the pilots, if not more, can just take these drones, bind it, and go flying, and enjoy a very good experience without having to worry too much about jello, prop wash and some other problems related to tuning.

I think I’m going to enjoy mine, having prop guards can make it a little less intimidating for some people, easier to take around and still be able to film your kids doing some stunts with their bicycles, and the small Protek is small enough to get through some interesting areas, and carry around easily.

The most difficult part is which one to chose? The 25 or the 35?

Go and check it out, there are already many reviews in YouTube, and if you are interested in getting one, come back to us, we will gladly help you get you’re here at NordFPV!

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