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Nordfpv Battery Straps

Nordfpv Battery Straps

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The Nordfpv straps are not only good looking, but useful. The material used to create them uses rubber that helps keep the battery in place, and the elastic material makes tightening the strap much easier.

They are no regular strap, they are much better!

Package included:

1 pc x Battery straps

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Thick and a bit freyed

Looks like a repurposed watch strap from a watch i owned 30 years ago :-D
The nylon band is a bit freyed out of the bag

These are old style Velcro, not the new thin stuff, and with all the layers the thickness compounds.
* Logotype layer
* Rubberized strap layer
* Male Velcro layer
* Female Velcro layer (These 2 Velcro layers only overlap for 6mm)
* Metal loop for tightening
Thinnest place 2.3mm
Thickest place 5.5mm

As you can tell, the thickness was a reason I was not able to use this product for the intended means.
It might not be the same for every user. But this aspect turned out to be a no-go for me.

Tobias Löfgren
Nice straps

Nice durable staps, rubber inside and good looking.