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Happymodel Mobula6/Mobula6 ECO 2024 frame

Happymodel Mobula6/Mobula6 ECO 2024 frame

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Mobula6 2024 new frame is a ultra lighter
65mm size Brushless Tiny whoop Frame.
Compatible most of the 0603/0702/0802 brushless motor. It’s very soft and durable.

Color option: Transparent black and Transparent white
Recommend part list:
Propellers: 31mm 3blades or 4blades
Motors: 0702 Brushless motor
Flight controller : ELRS F4 2G4 or SuperX ELRS ,
Battery: 1S Lipo Lihv 300mah
Package include:
1x Mobula6 2024 Frame

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