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Nordfpv VTC6 18650 4S1P 3000mAh Li-ion battery (XT30)

Nordfpv VTC6 18650 4S1P 3000mAh Li-ion battery (XT30)

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Lion VTC6 4S1P3000mAh is a battery commonly used for Long Range Flight. This pack uses cells from SONY, model VTC6 18650 which has discharging rate of 30A continuously.

Please note that a liion batteries should NOT be discharged lower than 2.0V, otherwise the cell will be damaged permanently, and the recommended landing voltage should be between 2.5-2.6 volts per cell. The full voltage of each cell is 4.2V.

This battery has an XT30 connector and weights 203gr.

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