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T-Motor Velox V3 Motor

T-Motor Velox V3 Motor

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The T-Motor Velox V2207 V3 Motor is a significant upgrade from the V2 series, offering improved materials and design without compromising on affordability. This motor is tailored for FPV enthusiasts seeking both quality and value, making it an ideal choice for various flying styles.


  • Enhanced with high-quality materials, including thermostable varnished wire and a curved magnet for improved performance.
  • The V2207 V3 design features an angular pedestal and strengthened top part, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Available in three KV options to suit different flying needs: 1750KV for stable and easy flow flying, 1950KV for stronger power and Acro technique, and 2550KV designed mainly for 4S setups.
  • Combines advanced technology with a budget-friendly price, maintaining the popular appeal of the V2 series among FPV drone pilots.

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